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starlight express fans
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Starlight Express! Are you real, yes or no?

Simple enough. This community is about the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical play that is Starlight Express! Basically, I saw no other Starlight Express communities, so, I decided to make one where all fans can come together and discuss it.
Oh, anything! Post pictures, lyrics, lj icons, artwork, quizzes, fan fics, costumes, tour dates, anything relating! Yes, anything on single characters either. I'm not going to go crazy since this is 'JUST A STARLIGHT EXPRESS COMMUNITY, NOT ABOUT THE CHARACTERS' like some people do. Lame.
Erm. Well, I'd appreciate you not advertising communities. UNLESS it relates to Starlight Express in some way. That's my only limit. Don't post anything that isn't related.
Hm. My only rule is that you keep it on topic, and don't get into petty arguements (like you would! Right, right?). Oh, and if there is a quiz.. please, please, please don't post a million seperate entries to show YOUR results. Just reply to the first entry of that quiz, and show your results in the comment. Makes people a lot happier. And also, go ahead and fill out this questionnaire, so we can get to know you better. :) You can do it in either that entry, or in your first post. (Though, I'd prefer you only do it in your first post if you've got something else to say.
Not much else. dissented created it. Not in any way affiliated with Andrew Lloyd Webber or Starlight Express. I'm just a fan ;)
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