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Summer 2008 UK Shows?? [25 Apr 2008|01:59am]

Hi everyone... I'm going to be in Ireland this summer, and since Starlight Express is NEVER going to be in my hometown/state, this may be my one chance to see it.  Does ANYONE know if it's showing this summer in London, or Ireland or anywhere close?  I'm not sure flying out to Germany is going to be a possibility.

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[15 Dec 2007|10:28am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

'Scuse me, do you haz a flavor?

Ahem. Does anybody have the lyrics for the UK tour song, "Whole Lotta Locomotion"?
I've tried to google it, but I didn't succeed.

I know that it's quite sexual, and also Dinah's line about soup is reserved- and part of the lyric is: "I've got style, I've got grace, I've got a smile on my face..."

*kitty eyes*

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[25 Nov 2007|11:53am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Sorry I didn't update yesterday; I was tired and still dazzled about my dream coming true; seeing Starlight Express live.
They accepted my ticket, even though it was quite torn.
The stage was quite small- nearly about the size of my room! The show went past quite quickly, but I still liked it.
I thought that I wouldn't like the show, as it was much altered- the songs, the characters, and even the outfits and hairdos. But I loved it! I was so amazed through the entire show my body was twitching.
Volta and Joule had such amazing voices- Volta was so sensual and dreamlike and Joule's sexily husky yet girlish voice was much like Rumpleteazer's from Cats.
Poppa had a weird mischievous voice, not so gentle as I thought it should be.
I loved the Starlight Sequence, when Rusty rose a few metres above the stage.
Dustin was lovely, as he always is ♥
The Hip Hoppers were amazing.
Ashley had nice voice.
I didn't quite like Dinah's voice- she is usually supposed to sound girlish.

There were many funny scenes- when Poppa gave Dustin a rap on his head when he was playing his harmonica, Caboose's insane laugh (his role wasn't shortened as much as I thought it would be), GB's gang beating Rusty up.

The next dream is seeing Starlight Express in Bochum, Germany,

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A few questions... [11 Nov 2007|08:45pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Who's your favourite freight truck?

(Mine is DustinI have a crush on him ^-^ ♥ )

Who's your favourite component?

(Mine is Volta and Purse)

Who's your favourite national?

(I kinda have a three way tie between Bobo, Turnov and Prince of Wales)

Would you like if I posted some myspazz photos after I've dyed my hair Electra style?

(blue and red striped with silver stars and lightnings, it may happen next spring, I'm quite short on money now ^^;)

Have you seen StEx On Ice?

(I haven't DX )

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[07 Nov 2007|09:12pm]

[ mood | stexy ]

Why hello,

my name is Miia, I'm the queen of Hell and one of you will be my wife one day.

Nah, just kiddin'. I'm 18- year old girl from Finland, and I've been a StEx fangirl for about three or four years now. I was introduced to StEx through Cats, I ♥ them very much. Actually, Starlight Express UK tour is arriving to Finland, and I'll go see the show on Hartwall Areena in 24th November 3 p.m. I'll ask the staff if I can take my camera by then, and I'll see if I can snap some spiffy photos (but I have a feelin' that they'll all be blurred, crap for a crap -_-)

My favourite song is Freight, my favourite chars are all of the kickass guys of the Freight team, and I've also created an OC; Angelina the Recycling truck, a true example of an Anti- Sue. She consumes waste paper and carton and poops them out to be produced as new paper and carton material, is in love with the blue Hip Hopper and likes to create havoc around in the freight yard, but is respectful to Poppa.

I'll post some photos and fanfic later, this time I'm too pissed 'n' tired.

You may say I'm a dreamer,
Miia ♥

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September Starlight Express Fan Art Competition! [11 Sep 2006|02:00am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Having not had a competition in August, I've nearly forgotten to start one this month!

Simple competition - paint a face. Face Painting. Makeup!!! Copy a makeup design from Starlight Express, take a photo, send it to me by the 24th September. I'll put them up both on http://belles.proboards26.com/index.cgi and on a page on my site http://www.bellesdomain.co.uk as I receive them. from 24th to 1st October (see what I mean about forgetting? sorry!) I shall accept votes for your favourite makeup via Private Message on http://belles.proboards26.com/index.cgi. The winner will be announced after, and will probably get a prize!

Rules: Official characters only please. If you're inspired to create a makeup design for your fan-character, please do share, but not for this competition. Also consider what makeup designs are impressive - Dinah, bless her, is never in the same league of artistry as Volta. Think what will make your makeup stand out and get a vote over the others!
Accessories - wig, costume, set, etc, are welcome, but not necessary.
Any type of makeup is fine, whatever works for you...
The design needs to be recognisable, but not a slavish copy of any one photo. Take liberties, make it personal!
It does not need to be your face that you paint - the artist is the entrant, not the model.
Finally, I reserve judgement on limiting the number of Caboose entries. We all love the evil little guy, but if you CAN do something else, please do! If I've got 6 cabeese pics and nothing else, I might ask you to do another design.

Send me a GOOD quality headshot, please! No dimly lit webcam images - show us the details, the colours, your artistry.

So...  email me on belle_pullman@yahoo.com, message me on http://belles.proboards26.com/index.cgi, post on the thread there, whatever you feel like!  But please, ENTER!

x-posted all over...

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The ICE [01 Sep 2006|01:03am]

Our favorite German engine! Apollo Vic style!

Doesn't he look fast?
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more icons [19 Aug 2006|06:06pm]

We interupt the usual pointless iconage link to promote the graphic community jellicle_art which I've recently taken over as moderator. Please go and check it out. I also apologise if you've seen these before - I've tried to post any of the icons I had in storage.

45 starlight express
22 Dinah
03 Ashley
02 Buffy
06 Pearl/Rusty
02 Greaseball & girls
10 Dinah/Greaseball

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Colorbars. [04 Aug 2006|09:31pm]

I've made a small selection of colorbars over here, if anyone's interested.

At the moment, there's

And I'm taking requests. You can tell me what pictures, what text, what particular effect you would like, or if you want to leave it up to me, that's fine. Anything's fair game.

Oh, and if anyone's interested, I found this site which has a collection of articles about the early years of the show, it goes up to around the revamp and has some on the Broadway, and London in the 80s, and a rather strange snippet from Maynard Williams about competing in Eurovision. There's also an article on Stephanie Lawrence, but it was written before Starlight Express opened.
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*waves* [27 Jul 2006|07:25pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm back again. ^^

Just the one offering today.

Nyaw...Collapse )



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Well, lookit who's back! [25 Jul 2006|02:18pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Betcha'll thought you'd gotten rid of me, didn't ya?

Nope! *mwah*

Ahhhh, I have a ton of stuff for you folks. ^^

But first; how are you all??? *hugs Chi* Believe it or not, I do miss you guys! (I'm just too lazy to update on El Jay anymore..^^;)

Secondly, I'm still on a C.B./Purse kick at the moment, so a lotta the upcoming stuffs'll probably be orientated around that. I'll try to vary things tho. ;)

Finally; The fanart!Collapse )

Well, believe it or not, that's it!

Much love!


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Two days left for Fan Fic competition... [21 Jul 2006|02:56pm]


Come on guys! Write me a StExy story! There'll be a prize for the winner! I've only got 4 entries (one not uploaded yet)... And I know there's so many talented writers out there, please join in! Share the goodness!

x-posted to starlight_ex, own journal.
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The Great July Fanfic Competition - a week to go! [14 Jul 2006|05:04pm]

Hey everyone - I'm running a Fanfic competition, and today I finally took the time to get it set up on my website - http://www.bellesdomain.co.uk/compjuly.html

PLEASE join in! There's over a week til the deadline, and I'd realy like to get more than 3 stories... there'll be a prize! Even if you don't want to enter, please do read the stories and vote for your favourite after the deadline...
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Minimovies from Broadway clip [13 Jul 2006|07:43pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I'd thought you'd be more interested in the video than the icons, but anyway: video from the Broadway production here.

45 total
40 Starlight Express
02 Jesus Christ Superstar
03 Starlight Express GJ - 40KB & over


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Another Newbie... [05 Jul 2006|05:41pm]

01. Name: Joei
02. Age: 24
03. # of times seen StEx: Twice - once in London ('The New Starlight Express') when I was a wee lass of 12 and once in Woking ('Starlight Express 3D') A month or so ago!
04. Fav. part/scene(s): Ummm... All of it(!), seriously... I love the 'introductions' songs - if that makes sense.
05. Fav. song(s): Freight, He'll Whistle at Me, Pumping Iron, Next Time you Fall in Love, Starlight Sequence... GAH and Crazy!!
06. Made any costumes?: Ye Gods no, creative I ain't!
07. Fav. character(s): Rusty, Dustin, the Rockys (Yes, I know they changed the names for 3D, but to me they will ALWAYS be the Rocky's!), Dinah.
08. Fav. line(s): 'My raves been raided, my hip, just hopped, my mojo ain't working and my pills has just popped...' 'You may survive the blowing, but the suckings gonna get you in the end' *giggles* and 'I want steam that's under pressure as it rises to a scream'
09. Anything else?: Kind of the point of the post, although I assume it has been discussed to death (I did go back three or four pages on here though), I wondered what peoples opinion of 3D was in comparison to the London/other show?
my viewsCollapse )
10. Come from?: England
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